Book Review: Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das

Author: Gaur Gopal Das Format/Print Length/Language: Paperback/256 pages/English Publisher: Penguin Ananda (8 October 2018) Book Blurb: Life’s Amazing Secrets Stop going through life,  Start growing through life! From the immensely popular life-coach boasting high-profile clientele from nearly every walk of life, comes this refreshingly light-hearted, a conversational guide to finding your true purpose in life and striking the right balance between your work, … More Book Review: Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das

Serum of Life

A pain so sharp, it pierced my soul An illusion so vivid, it embroiled my world The vines of my heart stifling my breath The thorns of sorrow, grasping my mind Confusion, chaos and misery all at once A bundle so priceless yet better than none The ailment of the soul That only time can … More Serum of Life

Micro Tale #3

A poor little kid sold balloon to another. A perfect exchange happened One got Money and the another got Happiness. © The Hungover Owls // Harshit Dangwal

Micro Tale #2

When everyone was flirting and jumping relationships, Someone, somewhere honestly kept a promise… © The Hungover Owls // Harshit Dangwal


Look at you sprung from a moss mound and immediately formed, your head, young and perfectly rounded in divine proportion to your body; a trunk, rough, like old. Complete in your scale, as small as a palm. Intricately carved by heaven’s tiny sculptor, each limb gently coaxed into delicate curves. Bent over you i bow … More MY LITTLE BONSAI

A Stranger

There is a love i reminisce, like a seed I’ve never sown. Of lips that I am yet to kiss, and eyes not meet my own. Hands that wrap around my wrists, and arms that feel like home. I wonder how its is I miss these things I’ve never known. Thanks for the read :-@

Gypsy Heart

This Gypsy Heart ❤ Just needs to wander. Wander to undiscovered mountains and cave that guards the mysteries of this world. I will unturn every stone, I will walk every unpaved path, I will dive through the darkest seas just to discover the secrets that were only meant for me.

What is an Illuminati? Everything you ever wanted to know about it.

Have you ever been interested in reading some mysterious shit so this article is for you. Have you heard about Illuminati? They are believed to be a secret society originated in 17th century. It is believed that if you will join illuminati and worship the demon you will get success in a very short span … More What is an Illuminati? Everything you ever wanted to know about it.

The Girl With Curls

Hazel curls on head, Adorable smile on face. Twinkles like, A star 🌟 in the space. She is a little chaos, Clumsy mooded. She’s a beauty though, With chubbiness overloaded. Calm by nature, With alluring eyes. Being with her, The world seems to be a Paradise. She’s my queen, With tons of prettiness inside. I … More The Girl With Curls

Introductory Lines

This entire book of poetry, has come as a surprise, Suddenly these poems decided they all wanted to arise, And so here they are in book form of considerable size, Pointing to an intelligence that flows throughout our lives. An intelligence that’s natural, which is the same as Nature, Some may call it God or … More Introductory Lines

Annoying things that Indian do to prove themselves cool.

Author : Harshit Dangwal (No apologize for being straight forward.) 1.”Dude, you know i only listen to Hollywood or Pop.” Suck! “Dude i only listen to Pop or Hollywood.” are common words you can found almost every person saying. I don’t understand what is the connection of pop music to coolness. Meanwhile this sounds like … More Annoying things that Indian do to prove themselves cool.

Her Adoreness

she is opaque, like a water. clumsy and constant, like a free world. she smiles, cures all the stress. she’s a little chaos, with a whimsical sense of humor. kiddy from the habits, sweet in her own way. she laughs, she howls, like she really don’t care about the world. hard like a stone, you … More Her Adoreness

HOLI – The Vibrancy of Incredible India

  “What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant, colorful.” – Joshua Foer Vivid hues taint the sky as India ushers in the season of spring with the kaleidoscopic festival of Holi. The vibrant festival is known by a variety of names depending on which region you care to visit. From Rangpanchami in Maharashtra to Lathimaar … More HOLI – The Vibrancy of Incredible India

One Day.

One day, you will laugh. You will laugh at how seriously you took it. It seemed like a big deal, it seemed so important, and one day you will see it was a trick of your own mind. The need to explain yourself, the caring what they thought, the opportunities missed, the regrets, the beliefs, … More One Day.

Let Them….

There are those who will laugh at you. Let them laugh. There are those who will hate you. Let them hate. There are those who will worry about you. Let them worry. There are those who will not like to see you succeed. Let them. There are those who will love you. Let them. There … More Let Them….


Book writer : VLADIMIR NABOKOV Review by : Harshit Dangwal The book Lolita can be interpreted in so many different ways by so many different people. Was the relationship between Lolita and Humbert Humbert passionate or destructive? Is the well-respected and academic protagonist really in love with the young nymphet, or is he a perverted man … More VLADIMIR NABOKOV’S “LOLITA” Book Review

You & Me

Dancing on Saturn’s rings making out in the pouring rain you kiss me, melting your lips into mine like wax and honey you consume me, as i consume you two dancing flames, two searching souls thirsty only for each other burning bright, but steady kerosene, never running out. so follow me to the hell depths of … More You & Me

Shoe Laces

I first tied my laces as a seven year old boy; the joy outweighed the prospect of an ice cream, or a toy. Now, before we play outside I show him how it’s done, hoping he’ll persist until this little struggle’s won. I know he finds it difficult and so I don’t explain that laces … More Shoe Laces

Debdutt Pattnaik’s “Olympus” Book Review

Olympus Book Writer : Debdutt Pattnaik Review By : Harshit Dangwal (Founder @ Wings of Audacity) The elegant front cover features an illustration of the Trojan Horse. There is another interesting image on the back cover ― this one of Atlas bearing the world on his shoulders. The blurb ends with the tantalizing words: ‘Long have … More Debdutt Pattnaik’s “Olympus” Book Review

Thoughts Are Friends

“Be aware of the habit of the mind to still be looking for the next moment – when the thoughts stop or the mind calms or peace comes or enlightenment happens. Instead of running to escape into the next moment, make peace with the thoughts and sensations that are appearing right now. Don’t be dependent … More Thoughts Are Friends

Reality Cycle

A fractured soul   trapped in a perfect body. Leading a life of lies   hoping to be a somebody. Losing at life   wanted to quit the game. Trying to find a way out   always ended the same. Listening to outside voices   starts the process over again. Jumping at every chance  to end … More Reality Cycle


1. You hone your Decision Making skills The moment you decide on travelling some place with regards to your career betterment, that is the moment when you have begun working on your decision-making skills. When you are moving to a far-off place, your natural instincts begin working automatically and you are made to make more … More FIVE MOST IMPORTANT BENEFIT OF TRAVELING…. (15 min read)

Pillow talk

Pillow talk My pillow holds secrets no one has herd my darkest desires my wildest fantasies. My pillow holds the happy tears of my new love felt my sad tears of lost loves My pillow has felt my tight grip when I squeezed with muffled screams with hurt My pillow has danced with me on … More Pillow talk

We were Wallpapers

we were not the flavors of a beautiful painting, but rather, the starched sheet of an endless wallpaper stranded in a cyclical design that we drew ourselves, unable to cling to the walls for a lifetime

Fuck off Facebook

Sometimes I just wanna tell the world “You know what? Just fuck right off!” “Get outta here with your lies, your half truths, your unchecked, slanderous gossip, your egocentric crap on social media.” Once upon a time we talked to each other, and actually listened! Now, in this copy-and-paste era, you don’t even hear what … More Fuck off Facebook

Got Soaked in the Beauty of Kausani – Switzerland of India

My Hometown (Uttarakhand) Diaries – 2k16 Though Uttarakhand has many beautiful and amazing hill stations to be visit like Nainital, Munsyari, Uttarkashi, oli, and many more but the bliss and beauty of kausani is something different and not every hill station can be compared with the splendor of kausani. Kausani is known for breathtaking view of snow cap … More Got Soaked in the Beauty of Kausani – Switzerland of India